Numerology Readings For Self Empowerment & Finding Inner Direction in Life

Hello and Welcome

My name is Jag Lysander Reeves. I have worked in the holistic, spiritual and healing fields for over 12 years now, guiding and supporting people through change and awakening, and the essential process of letting go of the past. As the story of the past falls away, and with it what we believed we were, we open to greater freedom and aliveness in every day life. Peace, joy, freedom and love - however we see it, in its simplicity this is what we all long for.


A core part of my work is with numerology. For me, this is a way to self-discovery through the illumination of and release from limiting, unconscious patterns of behaviour. As we meet our outer layers of illusion, with love, they fall away to reveal more of what we really are, in all its grace.

Through the process of a numerology reading & consultation I will guide you to see - 

  • that every struggle you've been through was essential to opening your gifts and creating the person you are now

  • that nothing was a mistake, nothing you did was wrong & that you can now forgive yourself 

  • that you can safely meet and embrace all the parts of yourself you have denied and don't yet love

  • that you can appreciate yourself and all the things you are great at - and see the beauty within you that is you

  • that you can find happiness and fulfillment in life again

  • that you know how to find your own unique path in life

  • that you know how to access your inner resources to be yourself


The Essence of My Work

The essence of my work is not about telling you what you should or could do to change and attain the life you want through a formulaic approach (though suggestions can come later). It is about taking an honest look, together, at how you see your life and life in general and how all your pain and struggle and suffering are actually a result of what you believe - your life stories, including how your life fails to conform with your idea of how it should be - and on the painful feelings those beliefs then generate to perpetuate the whole drama.

This is the fundamental starting point for me in any process of transformation. Where we hate our lives we begin to love our lives without them first needing to change. This is true freedom.

What Is Numerology?

Like astrology, numerology is an esoteric science that is just as much an intuitive art form. Historically it has been seen as entertainment at best, whilst others dismiss it as woo woo. However, astrology, numerology and other similar art forms are becoming increasingly popular amongst celebrities and businesses - for they recognise the edge that these systems can give them in life. 

I work with numerology in a very practical and grounded way that has application in all our everyday acitivites, interactions and relationships. To my mind, modern numerology is a way to understand ourselves holistically - psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. It reveals our deeper motivations, bringing the unconscious into the conscious, and in doing so offers the possibility of compassion, healing and freedom.

Though many systems of numerology work with cycles, current and future, and even predictions, I prefer to work in a way that illuminates the truth of what is real now - an uncovering of our formative background, our fears, needs and motivations that leads to a discovery of our gifts, talents and greatest desires, in essence who and what we really are. 


Name Optimisation

This is a relatively new concept, embodying and reflecting the great changes that are reshaping the world today. We now have the freedom to change our name, relatively easily, when we feel moved to do so, at significant points of change in our lives and when making a new start. Sometimes our old name no longer seems to fit who we have become or now wish to...

Sometimes its about choosing an entirely new name, such as a babies name, a name for a new business, or a stage name. These will have impactful implications for the direction our lives takes. 

Optimisation of your name can assist in letting go of the past and in moving into a new expression of yourself. Simply, it is about finding the name that is most effective in supporting the unfolding of your essential nature. Read More...

Soul Plan System of Numerology

Over the years I have studied a number of different systems of numerology - from ancient Egyptian forms, Pythagorean teachings and most recently a relatively new form of numerology, the Soul Plan system (also known as Soul Contract reading) of revealing the map of ones life. This is the system I use most extensively now.