How Numerology Name Optimisation Can Help You

Find The Best Name For Your Baby

When expectant parents are planning for a baby, choosing a name for the baby is a significant part of that process. With access to scans now, parents can plan for boys names or girls names before the birth, as appropriate. There may be many factors involved, as well as influences from beyond just the parents. Extended family may want their say and to direct the naming procedure. Sometimes one party may wish to take over this process and this can be reflective of the general family environment which may be less than harmonious. 

It is common for parents to choose a name for the child before the child has been born. I always recommend to expectant parents that they wait until the child is born, be with him or her, get a feel for them as an individual and to consider names from that place. The law (in the UK at least) gives parents 6 weeks to name their child so there is no rush.

More people are now becoming acquainted with the concept of name optimisation, for their babies and in general, and those who are open to this are seeking out this guidance to create for their children, and the family, the most harmonious environment in which to parent.

What Does The Right Or Best Name Mean Exactly?

Surely a name is just a name, no? 

Every name has a quality to it, a feel to it. We intuitively respond differently to different names and the people they are assigned to. For example, some names may be impactful and powerful whereas others are soft and gentle. Our name reflects and shapes our indentity and becomes our broadcast out into the world, as who we are. 

The spirit of the child will direct the process towards a name that provides for the life experience it wishes to have which may not always make sense to us on a human level. Life has been very challening for many children and continues to be so. However, more people are now opening to the idea of conscious parenting in which their intention and resources are directed towards creating the most loving and nurturing environment for all concerned. This is a new way, a new opportunity at living differently to our ancestors. 

Essentially, a baby's name that is in aligment, with the child and the family, will give the child the most supportive start in life and create harmony within the family between the parents and the child and between the child and any siblings. 

The Process Of Finding The Best Name For Your Child

Most people come with a list of possible names to discuss and analysis. This may include middle names. It may be a long list of possibilities or a short list that has been whittled down to a few choices. 

Possible names for a baby are always considered in relation to the birth charts of their parents, as well as being considered on their own merits. An essential part of this consideration is avoiding names that create clashes with the parents or siblings.