Changing Your Name with Numerology Optimisation

Do you feel that your name no longer fits with who you are? Or perhaps you never felt at ease with the name you was given. This may be your first name, your middle name and sometimes your whole name. Are you wishing for a name that is in alignment with and expresses who you really are?

Increasingly, with the rate of change personally and in the world at large, more and more people are feeling the inner impulse towards a new expression, to take a new name and begin a new chapter in life. 

Why Would you change your name?

If you are drawn to reading this, there is a good chance you feel some desire to change your given name. The name we were given at birth often expresses much of the family dynamic that was playing out at the time. For example, It is common to have been given the same name as a parent or a grandparent - I have known of 3 generations to have the same first name. Therefore, at a subtle energetic and psychological level the child is further bound to the limitations of their family or to that particular parent or relative. The underlying message is they are not allowed to be themselves or to outgrow the parent.

Some children are also given names without consideration to the social impact of those names, out of the parents own desire to be different or quirky. Sometimes people feel that they never fitted into their families and/or had very difficult, abusive experience of family life and so wish to make a break from those ties - through changing their name. 

These are just a few reasons people wish to change their name. 

How Does It Work & What Would A New Name Bring You?

During a consultation for a name change we will start by looking at the qualities, patterns and challenges in your birth chart (and common usage name if relevant), if you haven't already had a birth chart reading with me. Once I get a feel for your background we will discuss the qualities you would like to invite into your life with a new name. This can be anything you wish. Some examples are - financial abundance, professional success, harmonious personal relationships, robust physical health, contentment, visibility, friendship, love etc. Your intentions will of course be dictated by your previous challenges and the desire to let go and be free of them.

Once the optimal name is found there is usually excitement.


Changing your name can support you in moving on from the pain and suffering of the past. Your name at birth and the map of your life it reflects and creates will never change, yet by changing your name you are birthing yourself into a new cycle of expression; its a new opportunity for the painful constriction and limitation of old patterns of living and being to begin to soften, wind down and fall away.


Where you have never liked your name or a part of it, you get to release that felt burden and take command by giving yourself a name that feels totally in alignment with who you wish to live as; another way of seeing it is that it releases the parts of you that were never allowed or accepted, those parts which were instead repressed and imprisoned.


Many people tell me that in the months after optimising their names they begin to feel subtle yet definite changes, that they begin to flourish and really find their rhythm in life. There is usually a period of adjusting and recalibration internally in which old chronic issues, fears and beliefs can be pushed up to the surface, according to the energies of the new name, to be finally resolved. 


Your core essence, whether you call this soul, or spirit or higher self will be directing this process towards finding the perfect name for the next stage in your life.


Jag explained to me that there is a profound link between the name you are given at birth and the quality of energy that the soul will give you to experience. It was no coincidence that upon analysis - I discovered many patterns in my life that could be changed and were proving a constant challenge. I thought up a series of new names that Jag duly analysed and found a best fit for my energetic requirements, so I then changed my middle names.The effects of doing so have been very significant and I haven’t looked back since! 

Iain Balmain, Bagshot, Surrey

Getting Married & Taking Your Partner's Surname - Or Not

Obviously this has historically been a reality for women only. However, it is becoming more popular for modern men to add their wife's surname to their own to create a double barrelled surname, and vice versa. 

Many people have told me over the years that their lives changed considerably after marriage (and changing their surnames), for the better and sometimes for the worse. This reflects the energetic change in taking a new name and how that change may support our innate qualities to flourish or be a cause of contraction and conflict, both personally for the one changing their name and also within the interpersonal dynamic of the married couple. 

A numerological consultation can address this consideration to find the best solution and to advise on possible shifts in the dynamic between the two individuals being married. 


Names as Spiritual Initiation

Historically, in many traditions, people have taken, or been given, a new name that acts as an initiation or rites of passage into a new phase and expression of life as them. 

Without all the ritual of old, taking a new name for yourself can act as an initiation into a totally new phase of life in all areas.