The Numerology Birth Chart Reading

Your date of birth along with your name at birth simultaneously create and reflect the map of your life. By revealing the information encoded into this map you will gain a lifelong resource with which to navigate through life. A birth chart reading can offer an illumination of your being. It can inspire direction, compassion, forgiveness, courage and knowing.

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An Example of a Soul Contract Chart

What A Birth Chart Reading Will Give You

Most of us, as we struggle through life, are consumed in a vague confusion as to the source of our problems. Either we are definite in our beliefs as to who or what is responsible for our suffering,  and therefore take up a position of resistance; or we stumble and hobble in an indistinct adapted numbness. Usually its a combination of both. We push through life against the restrictions of our own inner life. 

Where there is confusion, a birth chart reading can offer the beginning of clarity and with clarity comes peace. This clarity comes from deep insight into the ancient stories, beliefs and fears we have been labouring under most of our lives. 

Essentially, a numerology birth chart reading is a path of self discovery which offers the possibility of freedom from the past. It is also a process of healing in which you will begin to re-connect with the lost parts of yourself. 

A Numerology Reading Will Uncover Many Aspects of Yourself & Life -

Through childhood, adolescence and young adulthood we all learn to adapt to our environments to survive often challenging circumstances. Through these adaptations we develop personas, the parts of ourselves we present to the world in order to navigate and attempt to gain control over that world. Over the years these adaptations and personas become second nature, unconscious and automatic. They also become limiting, constricting and fear inducing. 

Through the unfolding process of a reading we will explore and reveal what motivates you, psychologically and emotionally; what your drives are, consciously and unconsciously; what your deep desires are, and your deepest fears. This exploration and consideration will be adapted to all the different areas of your life such as professionally, in relationships, health, finances and of course life purpose. The reading will be adapted to your needs and wishes at that time.  

We will bring light into your deep unconscious to meet those parts of yourself you have dissociated or split off from and learnt to avoid and defend against. This includes parts of yourself that weren't allowed by family and early environment and often relates to gifts, talents and resources you have forgotten or never believed you have. It will illuminate the personal gifts and talents you have been bestowed with those that have been born out of deep suffering

The reading will support the growth of appreciation and love for yourself and.

The psychological understanding that this generates gives rise to compassion, for self and others, and an embracing of your deeper, more awkward and buried emotions. It will help you to see your past in a new light which offers the possibility of letting go of the pain of it.


Incorporating Your Common Usage Names Into The Reading


The birth chart reading is based on your date of birth and full, exact name at birth. This creates your foundational blueprint which never changes (though its expression changes as you do). You may then ask, what influence does your common usage name have on your life? In the UK most people have a middle name which they never use except on official documents. In day to day life most people present themselves with first name and surname (or family name).