Soul Plan Readings

Soul Plan Reading (also known as Soul Contract reading) is a modern system of numerology that is becoming popular, especially in the UK, America and Japan. Every system of numerology has different roots and varies in its style, emphasis and interpretations though all are rooted in the ancient teachings of self-knowledge and life purpose divination. The Soul Plan system, created by Frank Alper in the latter years of the 20th century, was shaped by ancient, esoteric Hebrew teachings.


Personally I find this system clear, straightforward, powerful and accurate. It is fairly quick and easy to learn to get to a point of real usefulness and deep insight, for anyone who may be interested in learning this system to incorporate into their therapy work.

Soul Plan Star Image 1.jpg

I now always use this system to inform and direct my therapeutic and healing sessions and also all my personal and professional relationships. It gives me an insight into and depth of understanding of the other person and what drives them, therefore how to communicate with them in a way that supports the possibility of harmonious interaction and engagement.


Many people do not know their time of birth so cannot receive an accurate astrology reading. This is where numerology and Soul Plan readings in particular come into their own. With this system I do not even need your date of birth though will always include it in the reading ideally.  

The other strength to this system of Soul Plan reading is the niche of name optimisation. With the growing personal freedom in the western world , and the desire to express individuality in a way apart from their formative background, increasing numbers of people are deciding to change their names. The process of name optimisation analyses each possible new name in order to find the one that is most attuned to the person, the one which will most support a blossoming of them personally.